My name is Charles Hueter and I live in Austin, TX.

You can view my MySpace profile or you can read on to learn more about me.

I’m an Army brat who escaped the military lifestyle when my father retired 30 years after getting drafted into Vietnam. He’s only a generation removed from hearty German immigrants; my mother is Canadian. Combined, you get me: a relatively tall, slowly balding, brown-eyed sarcastic bearded guy living in central Texas who hates hot weather and humidty. I have a strong distaste for the stupid, aggression, thoughtlessness, and nearly all the healthy vegetables.

The cities in the order in which I grew up:

  1. Marlton, New Jersey (born in June, 1980)
  2. Fairbanks, Alaska
  3. Fort Sam Houston, Texas
  4. Fort Lewis, Washtington
  5. Fort Shafter, Hawaii
  6. Fort Knox, Kentucky
  7. New Braunfels, Texas
  8. Austin
  9. San Marcos, Texas
  10. And now back to Austin.

I am an ex-Animeboards Moderator, having shifted my mod duties towards the Anarcho-Capitalism group on MySpace I created. At one point or another, I have been a member of Slashdot, TDI Club, Capitalism Magazine, nFernocomics, and VWvortex. I also comment on several liberty-minded blogs, all of which can be found in my blogroll to the right of my main page. Though I go by “Drizzten” here and on nearly all the online message boards I frequent, when leaving a comment on a blog I stick with my actual name.

I train my cat for urban zombie warfare when I’m not doing the same for myself. I hold out hope, but have not found a libertarian theory that successfully explains girls. In the meantime, I’m single and looking.

When not at work or at home, I’m probably driving too fast in a 2002 Volkswagen Golf TDI.

I’m one of those guys who really wants to build an impressive library of literature ranging from the profoundly fundamental to the obscurely specific, yet though I’ve got what might be politely called a collection, few have been read cover to cover and even fewer would look proper on a good shelf system. The leaping gaps in my knowledge of history interest me the most, and thanks to public schooling they are vast. I mean, I wasn’t taught a damn thing about who was behind the push to create the Federal Reserve System or exactly what happened in the Middle East during the Industrial Revolution. People, events, ideas, and inventions fluxuating and interacting. The dance doesn’t stop and the rhythm doesn’t slow down very often.

Computers and information technology hold my attention as well. It seems as if there are hardly any people who seriously understand the olympian revolution taking place around us. Given my awe at these processes, I proudly call myself a geek. Being able to carry with me a half a dozen hours of music, the equivalent of 15 rolls of film, and more than 350 pages of the Journal of Libertarian Studies in a USB flash drive and still have room for silly video clips downloaded from the Internet stored in a form factor that can easily fit in a shirt pocket…all for the price of two nights at a nice hotel or two weeks’ worth of groceries. That, folks, is simply amazing and a slap-in-the-face testament to the detractors of capitalism, the system that unleashes the tremendous creative power of individual humans when they are largely left alone to persue their own affairs for their own values.

Musically, I’m all over the map. On the way to work, I might listen to Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, and Squarepusher. At work, I might listen to Charlie Parker, Stan Getz, and The Cinematic Orchestra. On the way home, I might listen to NPR, local community radio, or material from Radio Free Austin. While sitting in front of my computer after dinner, I might be listening to Led Zeppelin, Sepultura, or Stone Temple Pilots. At the time of this writing, I have over 600 CDs and 7,600 songs encoded on my hard drive. Compared to some rapid Soulseekers or BitTorrent enthusiasts, that ain’t much. But I paid money for the vast bulk of those tracks. That means something significant to me.

My primary e-mail for web contact is charleshueter AT gmail.com and if you wish to squeeze past the scores of spam I get everyday, please put something in your subject line that references that actual subject of your message. I can’t explain how useless “hey” or “FYI: drizz” are to me.

So, now you know a bit more about me. It is time for a quick primer on this website.

Magnifisyncopathological is written, edited, and published by me for primarily my own personal whim and the public’s consumption. I attempt to link to or provide adequate credit for all material I quote that others produce, but if you happen to think I copied too much of your own production, please let me know and we’ll work something out. If you wish to copy or redistribute my material, I’d appreciate notice of your intent.

All comments are the responsibility of the commenter. I will delete and blacklist spam comments. Anyong acting like a psycho idiot jerk – a standard that I define and enforce – is liable to get banned. If your comment breaks the format of my website, I’m likely to edit it to restore the original form and no more. In return for the ability to comment here, I ask that you respect my wishes and not violate these basic rules. Harass me and my ideas, but don’t fuck with me or my property.

And, of course, nearly all transgressions can be mended swiftly and without rucous if agreement is mutually reached, preferably over a few pints of lager or stout. I’m tolerant like that.