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The FDA Has Pasteurized Good Flow Juice

From the Austinist: What Happened to the Good Flow.

According to company co-founder Judy Crofut, Good Flow had been operating under the assumption that pasteurization—the process of heating up a liquid to kill off bacteria and molds—wasn't necessary for its products since they were handmade and delivered to neighborhood grocers in less than a day. The company had previously operated as a "juice bar," like Daily Juice, with the approval of the FDA via an exemption. That exemption was later retracted in 2006.

A much more mundane example of statism screwing things up in the name of protecting us from ourselves.

This is the kind of everyday intervention that hardly anyone considers in political debates. Government orders like these are probably imposed thousands of times a day. I have no doubt that some of the orders are legitimate - in the sense that they are issued against genuine crooks who lie to, steal from, and knowingly harm their customers. However, I also have no doubt that the vast majority of these orders are decreed on the basis of some technicality, some rule an apparatchik was tasked with fleshing out after the Sausage Factories excreted their latest shelf-bending monstrosity.

So it is basically illegal to produce unpasteurized juice. Fight it all you want within the regulatory framework and court system. As with any government rule, you will eventually run into the one thing they have that we don't: the authority to initiate violence against you and your property. The court decision is the paper threat of that aggression.

Now, an unique company that as far as I can tell has hurt and lied to no one and that produces something that people enjoy and desire has to shut down and divert scarce resources towards making Washington happy. This, on top of the time and money spent arguing with them through the system. Want to know why there seems this tendency towards big business? It's because they have an easier time dealing with shit like this than independent companies.

From News8Austin: FDA shuts down Good Flow Juice Co.

"There's a warning label -- you have the option to drink it or not -- that it's not pasteurized juice," Joshua Bingaman of Progress Coffee said.

Good Flow's owners said pasteurization breaks down vitamins and healthy bacteria.

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I've had it before and I liked what I tasted. It certainly puts anything by Minute Maid or Tropicana to shame, despite their advantage in price per volume.

The public health angle is the common argument and I reject it categorically.

People with like mdahmus are part of the problem. A plea for personal responsibility, consumer choice, product diversity, and individual freedom is met with snark and a turned-off mind gripped with an misplaced sense of morality.

Did Good Flow kill anyone with their juices? Did Good Flow give the impression on their packaging that they pasteurized their juice?

Even if the answers to those questions are Yes and Yes, it does not automatically mean they ought to be forced to stop production and it does not by any measure mean the state is the proper entity to react. Those with grievances are the victims and it is they who should be dealing with the company. Among countless other examples, I certainly don't want part of my wealth forced from me and into the process of pushing around Good Flow.

So, yeah. Fuck the FDA:
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