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Diesel Days Are Here Again...

[Updates below.]

[This is a repost. Original article and comments lost after the recent server move.]

Gas Price Hits Record High Again -AAA

For the second consecutive day, the price at the pump for U.S. regular gasoline hit a record high, the American Automobile Association said on Wednesday.

The average price for regular gas hit $1.74 a gallon, up two-tenths of a cent from the prior record reported just Tuesday in the AAA's survey of more than 60,000 stations. The high before that had been set late last summer.

The U.S. government has already warned retail prices would average $1.83 per gallon in April and May, even before the summer driving season, which traditionally begins on the Memorial Day weekend in late May.

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Once I get my car back from the body shop (revised estimate: $2,300+), I can once again enjoy my awesome mileage in the low 50's to high 40's. Even better, it is often the case that diesel costs little more than super grade gasoline, frequently coming under or matching the price of regular unleaded. The fuel cost of operating passenger diesel vehicles is low.

There is the issue of the diesel smell...but being able to literally smoke tailgaters more than makes up for it. :)

UPDATE(5/20/2004 4:28pm)
Unfortunately, the government continues to meddle in the diesel market. But at least we have purposeful individuals willing to do the right thing to find lower fuel prices.

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