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What, Glenn?

[Updates below.]

February 12, 2003:


That would be me, on both counts.

May 08, 2003:
As a libertarian...

June 03, 2003:
Fixing potlholes [sic] and funding education should be the responsibility of state and local governments.

That shit don't fly, Mr. Instapundit. Either you aren't a serious (doctrinaire, consistent, integrated, etc.) libertarian, or you haven't put any thought into your positions. I have a feeling given what I've read of yours over the last two years it's the former. Which is fine, but it does bother me someone would label themselves a "libertarian" and then believe the state should be in charge of roads and education. Those may be further down the list of Must-Do Things on a hypothetical capitalist agenda, but they remain based on the same grounding as other libertarian justifications for taking the government out of most service-providing.

UPDATE(10/22/2003 7:35am)
Another libertarian beef with Glenn Reynolds here.

UPDATE 1/20/2005 12:25pm
Glenn Reynolds is NOT a Libertarian

UPDATED 9/26/2005 2:35pm
He hasn't been paying attention to An Intellectually and Morally Serious Antiwar Movement.

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