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FLCL on Cartoon Network?

Furi Kuri (or Fooly Cooly) has been my favorite anime for a little over a year. It may only be six episodes long, but those few episodes do more for me than most series' 26. The music is awesome (competing directly with Trigun and Cowboy Bebop for best anime music, IMHO), the imagery and direction often breathtaking, and the voice acting (both Japanese and English) is excellent. I've got the first two DVDs and pre-ordered the third which should come with a box.

Now I hear there is a distinct possibility FLCL may be shown on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.

Production IG Announcements and News
Representative: Maki Terashima

Announcement: FLCL has been sold to a network. It will air before fall this year. The announcement should be sometime next week. People were asking which network, but she did not indicate one way or the other. There are strong indications that the network will be Cartoon Network and that FLCL will air in the Adult Swim segment.

Also worthy of note:
Production I.G stated at Fanime this past weekend that broadcast rights to FLCL had been sold, but they did not state to which broadcaster. Last night the following interstitial appeared on Cartoon Network during Adult Swim, "A new anime is coming your way. It's only six episodes long. But it's shockingly great. Like Bebop, Big O and Beef Logs." They did not say FLCL, but the assumption is reasonable.
This would be a milestone in anime on American TV. A deeply cultural and wacky hyper-kinetic anime with much more going on under the surface than you get from first glance could alienate some viewers, but I think they will be offset by the tremendous buzz the show generates.

Even better, there aren't many scenes worthy of editing or cutting in order to tailor it for broadcast cable. Even the "worst" scenes (there's no nudity, only the lightest of swearing, and nosebleed-level blood) could be cut and the show would remain intact and very watchable. I'm all for this.

UPDATE(7/23/2003 6:30pm)
Now that I have the final DVD, I can say with confidence there is no "nudity" in the anime. The only two scenes that might have posed a problem (Haruko's ass in Ep5 and the blurred parts of Kamon's crotch in Ep6) in the past certainly won't today, especially if the anime is aired in Adult Swim block.

UPDATE(7/30/2003 12:10am)
Possible bad news and the first promo download of FLCL on Adult Swim.

UPDATE(8/6/2003 7:25am)
Looks like there were no edits to the first episode. *thumbs up*

UPDATE(8/11/2003 noon)
Removed the direct link to the promo episode download.

UPDATE(8/13/2003 8:15am)
Kyle Pope indicates the lack of edits in episodes 2-4, beyond taking out a "shit!" from Haruko in episode 2.

UPDATE(9/1/2003 2pm)
Check out this crap

Have you watched The Cartoon Network with your children lately? If you haven't, and you are a parent or advocate for children, you should read this.

There is a new cartoon called "FLCL," or "Fooly Cooly." Originating from Japan, this cartoon airs at midnight on The Cartoon Network as part of the network's evening programming called "Adult Swim."

My husband heard about "FLCL" from some young men in their 20s who found it quite entertaining and told my husband to watch it sometime. When my husband and I turned on "FLCL," we were shocked and outraged.


Had this program been on a channel other than The Cartoon Network and had it been rated "R," we would not have been so alarmed. This program is rated TV-PG. What we saw was nudity below the waist on a teenage girl, kids blowing people's brains out with machine guns, extreme violence and sexual content - all being acted out by adolescent characters. Why has this show been rated TV-PG?


When we tried to contact The Cartoon Network, we found that it does not accept phone comments from viewers. We went to its Web site, cartooncomments@ turner.com, and did not find a place to contact anyone at the network. We will, however, mail it a copy of this letter.

We have been in contact with the Federal Communications Commission, the ACLU and organizations dealing with violence against children. We have been spreading the word to educators and churches to raise public awareness about this incorrect rating.

Julie McBride-Wyatt, you are a prude. Even worse, you'd bring the government into a situation where it simply DOES NOT BELONG. You are also a shitty parent if you use TV ratings to determine what things are appropriate for children to watch. What a pathetic refusal of parental responsibility.

Comments will be held for moderation so they won't show up immediately. Please be patient.

By commenting here, you take responsiblity for what you write. Any grievances with what is posted in my comments should be directed to the person who wrote them, and that is not necessarily me.

I reserve the right to delete any comment I wish as this is my property you are commenting upon, but I'm pretty laid-back so it isn't likely to happen unless you are some psycho idiot jerk. Oh, and unless you have my permission to promote your good or service, you are wasting your time: unsolicited advertisements will result in comment deletion and URL banning. This blog ain't for you spammers or the crap you want to sell.


flcl is the weirdest cartoon show i have ever seen before but i can say this it is very good and there is alot a panties show in this show,BUT

Do not direct link to my downloads and take up all my bandwidth, if you want to link to my site thats okay, but never link directly to a download.

My apologies. I'll take the link down ASAP.

this show is the greatest show ive seen the best in its leage it finished today on cartoon network and will reshow tommaro with episode.1
and on and on and on is there a website to fooly cooly???

Severo, the official American licensor of FLCL is Synch Point ( http://www.synch-point.com/ ). Start with them. I moderate on Animeboards.com and the site has a forum ( http://animeboards.com/f113/s ) dedicated to the anime worth checking out. Beware of spoilers!

i just started watching flcl on adult swim and it is by far the best show ive ever seen, its kinda hard to understand at first but now im really bumbed out cuz there were only 6 episodes...ITS NOT FAIR! why did they make this show so short.

FLCL has gotta be the best anime I've ever seen! 7 thumbs up even though I only have 2! Then again I am used to seeing anime all kinds of edited to where they say stuff like "golly gee willikers" ^^;;So this is awesome^____^

FLCL is the greatest show in history. I can't believe that it only has 6 episodes . Why can't they make more? Well I started to watch AdultSwim cuz of it so put more! If you read this adultswim put more!6 is not enough! You'll have more viewers!

Flcl rocks! Why don't you make more! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey flcl is the best show on earth . Even though it only has 6 episodes it's the best 6 episodes in my life!

This is the best show of my life. I can't wait for more!

I hope the show goes on!I mean this show is the best shoin history ! I give it 500 stars! And 2 sthumbs up!

me likes FLCL, i'm glad they put it on adult swim cuz i'm not really an "anime fan" per say, so i probably wouldn't go out and just buy it, and i definitely wouldn't get into fansubs or anything.
i'm also kinda glad it was only 6 episodes long, the second time around i recorded it and i was able to get it all one one tape in HIGH QUALITY! yes this is good...
does anyone know exactly what was cut from episodes 6? was it the dad wanking in manga form?

The only thing that was edited in Ep6 was an additional level of blurriness on Kamon (Naota's father) during the manga scene. From what I've heard, they added more on his crotch.

FLCL is a great anime, on par with inuyasha! Feed memore FLCL. NOW!

FLCL OWNS damn them for just 6 episodes BASTARDS more they should show 2 diff episodes each night AND YES ANY PARENT WHO JUDGES TV RATINGS IS A DUMB ASS

To all whiners like the concerned parents preceding this post: When you ignorantly criticize something you know little about, we say, CONSIDER THE SOURCE! Obviously, FLCL is only one of many things you do not understand! The sexual humor and violence in the show is gentle and almost unnoticeable, had you the intelligence to support a slug you would probably be twice as smart as you are now and still be far short of understanding the meaning of FLCL!

You, my weak minded little friends, are also hypocrites. You are the same inept morons that want teachers to lecture children about kama sutra in kindergarten, yet, you bitch incessantly about the slightest sexual content on cartoon network...

You and all those like you are pathetic indeed. Us FLCL fans are not really mad at you though. We feel sorry for you. Perhaps therapy could help you, in time...

yo how you get the movie thing mabob where you can watch flcl on your computer??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? hu i want answers please?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

hey its me again i like need to know where like you know like exactaly but its a good show yet i only saw 4 5 6 on tv i still need to see 1 2 3 k so if any one know tell me
oh and my email is rankual102@yahoo.com oh and at the end of rankual is a l and before the 0 is a 1 k chou

Rankual, the best, easiest, and most trouble-tree way to see FLCL on your computer is to play the DVDs on your computer's DVD drive. Have neither the drive or the DVDs?

Buy them.

what the heck is wrong with the creators of FLCL? I was mad with the makers of it! It's awesome in all, but why is only 6 episodes long! Me and my friend thinks Taku's dad is really
helarious! So is the creep Hadaku that loves Taku with the "vacation, alienation, Japanamation, manga, kanga, naked hawaiian punch, it's not funny!"We taped the 6th episode and we watch it when I say "Footy-Cooty"!

omg thats so stupid that artical who wrote that?!?!? it was rated tv14 and anyway if the kid is so young they shouldn't watch it should be sleeping anyway
THEY BETTER NOT EVER TAKE FLCL OFF because that is the best show ever!

Well I really, like FLCL. I don't see why any well informed viewer would object to it being on the air. Its at a time when most children should be asleep, if they aren't then they are mostlikely either mature enough to see it, or have parents that are worthless.

About the violence and sexual inuendos, well what doesn't have that in it now days. If you object to what is in the program, maybe you should make it a point to not let them watch it? (just a thought) Personally sex isn't taboo and if it weren't for it the children would not be here today.

Cartoons are pure fantasy, while they may cover many issues, complex ideas, and satire, they are still not real (unfortunatly because I have fell in love with Mamimi) As with anything, if you don't look at the whole thing with an open mind, you are probably not going to understand it. And just because you don't understand it, why would you want to remove it. ITs just not for you. It's for those of us that do. I don't understand you, but I don't want to get rid of you (though that would be an easy way of dealing with you) no I just express my feelings and opinions to you in hopes that maybe you can come to better understand the situation, or at the very least agree to disagree. I aplaud you as parents for looking out for your children, however. You look out for your own children, don't ask companies and governments to be the parents of your children by deciding what is appropiat and not.

You have seen how well our government works, (lol) and you want that deciding what should and shouldn't be show on TV. There is a simpler answer my friend. You decide for you and your house hold and let others decide for theirs. Don't give other people the power and responsibility for your children.

I thank you. For taking to time to read my point of view. I hope the best for you and your friends.

~Angel Perdido~

I agree with Meg but im 11 years old and the only way i found out about the show is cuz i woke up one night and couldnt sleep so i watched tv (since Cartoon Network is my fav channel i watched it no clue bout adult swim). When i first saw the show i saw ep1 and i thot it was cool so i kept watching it til i saw ep6. the next day i tried 2 watch it but it wasnt ther.
i wanted 2 c it cuz didnt understand it so i downloaded it off of kazaa but now i cant cuz it got deleted by my bros. luckily i understood it b4 he deleted it. But now i got a craving 4 it and i cant get it lol. Any1 who reads this can u send it 2 me at my AOL instant messenger screen name NewBman92?? I'll usually be on weekends at 12pm or 1pm and weekdays at 3:30 or 4pm cuz of school.
I think its the best show ever and it has gotten me 2 like lots of things like anime, mopeds, guitars, and japanese music lol.
I have told my friends about this show and they dont believe me so i want 2 c it and show my friends so please send it 2 me.

I doubt you'll find anyone here with the fansubs bud. Most people who care delete the subs and buy the series the second it's released.

Man, the box set is sexy.

well i guess you're right but if any1 duz have it can they send it to me at NewBman92@hotmail.com??

I have the FanSubs and I can send them to ya,...I dont have AOL though and I wont download it I can't stand AOL ima try to setup an FTP and if I can figure it out ill post my ftp here but itll have a user limit so dont try hammering me ^^. You can email me but better make sure you send a subject explaning it or itll get deleted quick. Anywho or you can get MSN or mIRC and ill send them to you through there. Furi Kuri NO.1 and Haruharu Haruko's Ass isnt nudity :P ^^ and brains never came outta them when they were shot ^^.

flcl took a while to understand, but i liked it since my friend showed it to me. i still watch it alot, and im starting to memorize all of the lines.. hahah...
the music is so good to. i bought both cd's and all the dvds...
seriously, its so good...

FLCL is the best anime out there, no question.

i have to say something..i'm 13, flcl is NOT offensive to me at all. Many, MANY more show are worse that are on tv. Such as friends, which isn't even a bad show! so many people like it of so many differnt ages.

hey what does the word Takkun mean?

hey i would like to know what Takkun really mean. If you know plz e-mail me!

FLCL comes on adult swim and before every show on adult swim begins...they display information stating that the show is not for children under 14...god...STFU

FLCL is the best show ever...I cant believe Mamime started those fires.
If anybody knows where to get the dvds cheap,or wants to sell them email me.


Thats my email.

God I'm 13 and FLCL was in no way offensive at all. If you don't want your kids watching it PUT THEM TO BED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People are so stupid nowadays. Plus, I have early signs of a pyro, so I really related to Mamimi (who I look like, act like, talk like).

Mamimi is the second best character in the show, if youre really like her thats awesome!
I guess id be Takkun...except the fact that he wants everyone to leave him alone.
Youre really like Mamimi?!?


i watched it on cartoon network and any one who says its the best anime around, they're right. it rocks, it awesome. do they still show it, cuz i had been out partying earlier that night, so i was home late when i first saw it, so i know its on later at night, and was still kinda out of my tree, but i didnt know what time it aired at, and have been up trying it catch it again, but i dont know what time its on, so if anyone wants to tell me, and anyone else who has it to sell, or download, or some thing, IM me, i'm on AIM,

i'm the bleeemonster! <---- thats also my AIM name, for anyone out there still wondering

Yes! Just like her! You might think she came alive if you saw me! Yeah, guys please don't send me e-mails, my inbox is flodding

Yay, FLCL is wonderful; though Naota slightly reminds me of Shinji...

flcl was a great season somebody should sew for adult swim cancelinng flcl i think they should run that show all the time no matter what crap if i had the actual episodes i would never watch cable man/girls fffflllllllllcccccclllllllll rocks ^_^

when the hell is this show gonna play again, its been to damn ,long, im hopein soon, cuz adult swims show lineup is gettin stale, hit me up at my email address if anyone has any inside news or opinions

i am looking for episodes flcl to download online help me out i love the series it is the craziest.

FLCL is my favorite anime of all time I don't find it offensive, I don't care that there's six episodes, and now (because I've watched every episode over ten times) I understand everything.

leme put it this way. if u have anything against this show... SHUT UP! YOu people who say its bad for children to watch, duh, thats whay its on so late, why the hell are your children watching tv this late at nite, your bad parents. i love the show, i use to watch it years agho, but then it was cancled, i never saw every episode, loved it beyond all reason, but dont wana dish out 60 bucks for 3 dvds. where can i download

God how can parents be so totaly stupid. Heres an idea...get off your ass and do some parenting! Anyway Im 10 and there was nothing at all that could have gott my parents runing off and complaing.

Anyone know where to download the Series

Yea it's stupid to bother banning it

Anyhow The people who want it banned should actually try watching the full 6 episodes they'll probably end up liking it themselves

FLCL is like a life changing expierience even though it is 6 episodes it rocks and the people at the top that put FLCL is bad Screw u somebody email me


flcl is ultiment if they ban it ill be 1 mad sun of a bitch

If it hasnt already been posted, Fooly Cooly means "playing with nipples" Also there are only six episodes of FLCL because it was just a series done in spare time by the people at Gainax. Also most of their shoes seris are short.

Flcl still continues to be #1 of my favorite shows.

Jesus, it just hurts my brain to try to read this stuff...

" i luv flcl adult swim iz da bom they 0wn all j00z!!!!!!! all you h8rs tht say you are not about flcl then i think j00 are dum and go away, why is it so short adult swim should make more by the way does anyone know how i can steal this show for free that I luv so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1"

Ah, the future workforce of the world...

My favorite is "somebody should sew for adult swim cancelinng flcl".
I need a new sweater if that somebody needs any suggestions. :D

GAHHHHHH! i am so annoyed, i have known about FLCL when it was first coming out, now here i am and i have'nt seen any of it yet!!!

hearing stories of people knowing nothing about it then switching on Cartoon Network and watching really annoys me.

if anyone can send me the 6 eps my email is Inkaz_7@hotmail.com and you can add that address into msn if you want cause i may be on and you could send throught it through there! PLEASE END MY SUFFERING!!!

i have something to add to that comment i just wrote. To define how bad my suffering is, i have not seen a scrap of FLCL besides the trailer but i happen to own the soundtrack....

and a note to all those idiots above, FLCL is not made by cartoon network or Adult Swim it is made by Gainax (i think i spelt that right)

Inkaz, why not spend the cash to own the DVDs?

www.rightstuf.com has them for $26.98 each
www.animenation.com has them individuall for a similar price, as well a bundle of all three discs for $76.82

im all for the FLCL series and right on to the people that think it should be on every day.( I agree).

P.S. this is my first time typeing hear ill type more thats for sure.

its me i just wanted to type again. im srry but i have to tell my opinion about parents.....Parents attomaticly assome that FLCL is a bad show with no idea what the heck is goin on. I mean why should we FLCL fans lose our ( for some ) fav show just because some lady said this show is to mature without having any understanding idea about this show!!

P.S. if anyone is on this site plz talk.

I had to wait for 2 years for the FLCL series to come back i dont want to wait that long agian!

If anyone knows a website that you can listin to FLCL music with out a fee plz just type it up here.

Thank you

For all of you that wanted to know wat Takkun means well i got your answer. Takkun is a mixture of naotas brothers name and his.
at least thats what the info told me.

Geez this always happens im the only o0ne on this site out of 65 million people in the U.S.

But...i kinda understand cause i was on at like 2:00 last night and 1o this morn. ( im in Indiana time ).

mamimi if your just like her you must smoke and hang out under a bridge and hit on your boyfriends little brother.?

Calm down, dude. This isn't a discussion board, it's a simple comment form.

I'd just buy the FLCL music CDs. They're worth every cent.


srry i got a little wored up lol

thanks man

Are they ever going to make more that 6 episodes of FLCL,'cause it's a really great show.

"Than* 6"

i saw this FLCL fanvideo and it rocked the music was by a band named ween and they raock to so two things that rocked in one....that kix...anyway the song was "its gonna be a long night" off their album "quebec"

OK, I red everything on this form. I download 2 different copys of the first ep of FLCL(first one was an avi video 240MB, second one was a .rmvb 78MB) on dile-up, and I am blind. They were both subbed. SOmeone, I am willing to traid or even give you software with it unlocked also I have the sound tracks on my computer in MP3 format, or as a zip folder, or a .rar file. If someone cood either rim the DVD and dromload it to me(blindy_2004@yahoo.com), or something. I wamt english chopys of it. If you dont know how to use dromload, then e-mail me: blindy_2004@yahoo.com thanks a hell a lot. Mouki----Out

hi is anyone on?

Hi, is anyone on?

Dude, this is not a live forum. No one is "online" because people get here by searching the web for information and find this post. If you want an actual discussion forum, go here: http://www.animeboards.com/forumdisplay.php?f=113

I went on Kazza and i couldnt find any FLCL episodes that worked, except one but the quality in that video SUCKED, so if any1 could tell me a good dl like kazaa to dl the songs that would be great, ty.

o yeah... System of a Down Rocks

I just started in on FLCL, but I'm totally hooked already! Seriously awesome, although it sort of has plot holes, and like, miscellaneous stuff, but I guess that makes it more cool 2 watch! Personally, I think it's just screaming 2 b an anime movie!!! The music iz boss, it has clear art... FLCL gets a zillion thumbs! Up! Yeah-it-rocks-ok-I'll-shut-up-bye.

if anyone here is looking for FLCL EPISODE DOWNLOADS 1-6, you need to install bit torent on your computer, get it online, then search limewire for flcl episodes 1-6 with the extention .bit then you will need to open the .bit files, and they will automatically (or almost automatically start downloading) and you have to wait a fe days, theyre in super good quality, and theyre in english, i dont know too much of how else to find them, my sister did it all, otherwise i wood have sent them all to you guys.

hope you find the torents, it should be pretty easy

Hey, FLCL isn't bad. Whoever posted that first one should have their head checked(or hit by a bass). FLCL is simply the coolest thing around. Maybe if you had any intention of enjoying the show to begin with you would notice that. It's not some violent killfest or a porno movie, it's just good anime! There are lots of animes and mangas based solely around sex but flcl is NOT one of them.

I want to find dls for them too, that's how I found this. I don't have 80 bucks to spend on DVDs, especially when I can just get them on the internet and burn them to DVDs.

Unfortunately FLCL has been out in Japan for quite some time and as far as I am aware there is no inntention of making more than 6 episodes. Kinda sad but kinda cool. It will always be a single perfect dimond of a show without any hangers on of mere ruby. But I could be mistaken as while I love this show and several other jap animies I am far from being an expert.

flcl rocks

I have been watching it and have become adicted. I wish it was more than 6 episodes long though.

Does anyone know where I can find some music downloads?

I love flcl, I just saw the first second and third, and MISSED the days they showed the fourth fifth and sixth episodes! I am sooo dumb! N-Eways, you stupid parents! YOU ARE horrrrribblleee! How could you let a little kid stay up that late?!
1. there is a parental warning right before some of the shows,

2. it was rated tv 14,

3. it is called ADULT SWIM! u no, all kids outta the pool? DUH! IT IS NOT OFFENCIVE AT ALL!

(LONG live Ta's kitty ears!!! <3 the ears)

does anyone know where I can download the FLCL episodes in English?
I got the whole thing in Japanese, but the English (don't hurt me) I thought was better.
Please help?

if anyone wants to download flcl for free get limewire, you can download it at download.com

the only thing is that the videos are not that great of quality but are still good

Chestnut Cooly , i agree with you the english was better it had a certain feel to it!the japanese isnt bad but i dont really like it! even tho alot of anime is better in japanese (like naruto for example) so i do like the flcl in english!(i love haruko haruhara, she kiks the snares hit, and inflicts back spasms)!

Woah. You guys, I remembered when I 1st signed this thing and now (I don't like to brag, but) I know just about everything about FLCL anyone could know, and it STILL ROCKS. Yay for FLCL!

Dude , if u morons r wondering y they only made 6 episodes , is becuz THEY ONLY MADE ENUF MAGAS 4 6 EPISODES DUMBASSES!!! If u REALLY wer true fans of anime' , like me , u would hav known tht!!!!!!

Well now, let's go and fix your moronic spelling/grammar.

Your version-
"Dude , if u morons r wondering y they only made 6 episodes , is becuz THEY ONLY MADE ENUF MAGAS 4 6 EPISODES DUMBASSES!!! If u REALLY wer true fans of anime' , like me , u would hav known tht!!!!!!"

Correct version-
"Dude, if you morons are wondering why they only made six episodes, it is because THEY ONLY MADE ENOUGH MANGAS FOR six EPISODES, DUMBASSES!!! If you REALLY were true fans of anime, like me, you would have known that!!!!!!"

Fixed version-
"If you morons are wondering why they only made six episodes, it is because they only made enough mangas for six episodes! If you were true fans of anime, like me, you would have known that!"

Five year olds like you shouldn't be into anime, anyway. Learn how to write, moron.

fooly cooly is the best show ever im 10 and i stay up till 12:30am tuesday to watch it. haruko rocks!

fooly cooly rocks im 10 years old and i stay up till 12:30am tuesday to watch it. haruko rocks

collin and Takoon (you spelled it wrong, but that's ok) rock on. You second, stop fighting up there, you're actually BOTH wrong, sorry to tell you. I know LITERALLY everything about FLCL and the manga came afterwards. There are only 6 episodes because Gainax was first beginning, and FLCL came out as an experiment on different art forms. By the way, to answer the ever growing question of why the show is so miscellanious: FLCL was made by Gainax. gainax is a Japanese company. They share inside jokes, and seized opportunity, putting refrences to their Japan-only insiders. There you go.

naota has lady issues. i cant believe they only made 6 episodes.kamon is perverted.and i cant believe haruko killed perfoming N.O. on him. the 4th episode explains alot of things

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