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Angry GOP Musings

[Updates below.]

If it turns out Bush either lied, inflated the value of, or otherwise misled us about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, then I'd want him and the administration officials who were involved in the political process leading up to the war to resign. I think it's highly unlikely there are none in Iraq and only slightly less likey there are only a handful of meager labs and experiments. However, I am chastened to admit a large portion of my support for the war was based upon the evidence and statements put forth by Bush, Powell, Rumsfeld, and everyone else in the American government. I don't enjoy putting that much trust in an institution I greatly dislike. I would be furious if they abused that trust.

I'm thoroughly sick of the drip-drip hypocritical poison Republicans are excreting in regards to their "support" for limited government, individual liberty, and free market solutions to the nation's problems. We've suffered through Trent Lott, Rick Santorum, and now Orrin Hatch. We've been handed economic dogshit in the form of the 2002 Farm Bill, steel tariffs, Canadian wheat tariffs, tariffs on Korean chipmakers, and utterly no useful action on fixing Social Security.

I once nearly voted straight-ticket Republican. I will never make the mistake of entertaining that notion again.

UPDATE(11/30/2003 11:13pm)
Looks like Bush will be dropping the steel tariffs sometime this week. Good move, but too bad it had to be made at all.

The Bush administration has decided to repeal its 20-month-old tariffs on imported steel to head off a trade war that would have included foreign retaliation against products from politically crucial states, administration and industry sources said yesterday.

The officials would not say when President Bush will announce the decision but said it is likely to be this week. The officials said they had to allow for the possibility that he would make some change in the plan, but a source close to the White House said it was "all but set in stone."

2003 The Washington Post Company

UPDATE(12/4/2003 1:20pm)
The tariffs have been scrapped.

UPDATE(6/18/2004 5:11pm)
Whom to Vote For?

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