February 20, 2004
Rick Perry Rumoring, Cont'd

[Note: It appears increasingly less likely this rumor is true.

UPDATE(3/5/2004) 10:40am
In addition, Governor Perry has directly denied the rumors.]

Rick Perry's unconfirmed gay scandal has no major developments so far that I'm aware of. All the news agencies I pinged yesterday are quiet. They are, however, centered in Austin and that leaves quite a few other major state-specific news outlets to be aware of.

In addition to those media sources, nothing so far has appeared on Lucianne.com, The Corner, or Washington Whispers. Das Blogfather is also silent as of this posting. Bettie Bowers isn't. However, I do know of other blogs that have posted on this who have at least passed on the news:

  1. Kurtie
  2. Cory Hicks
  3. News I Use (multiple entries)
  4. The Greater Nomadic Council
  5. Someone on Craig's List

Burnt Orange Report has updated.

Ahh, the blogosphere echo chamber. :)

ABC News's The Note has nothing either, but it does mention the National Governors Association winter meeting in Washington, D.C. It starts tomorrow and goes through Tuesday. That's something I'm assuming Governor Perry will be a part of, which means there is little chance for "official word" from him or his office until next week.

Meanwhile, he has been keeping busy...

Gov. Rick Perry makes appointments

Perry named James Herring of Amarillo to the Texas Water Development Board.

The governor reappointed Jack Hunt of Houston to the board, which oversees statewide water planning and administration of financial programs for water projects.


Perry appointed six people to the state's Joint Interim Study Committee on Nutrition and Health in Public Schools.

Copyright 2004 Associated Press, All rights reserved.

Perry chides senator over water remarks
Gov. Rick Perry says Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison chose the worst possible time to call the Bush administration's progress on Mexico's decade-old Rio Grande water debt "halfhearted."

Hutchison told hundreds gathered at a Rio Grande Valley "water summit" Tuesday that she would urge President Bush to step up efforts to get Mexico to pay the approximately 1.3 million acre-feet of water it owes under the terms of a 1944 water-sharing treaty.

"I have been extremely disappointed in Mexico's blatant disregard for the treaty and what I feel is a halfhearted effort by our government to enforce it," Hutchison said.

Perry said Hutchison's words belittled recent water transfers that have Mexico current for the present accounting year. He said criticism now could hurt the mood of Mexican President Vicente Fox's visit to Bush's Crawford ranch next month.

"I think the Bush administration has done everything in its power," Perry told The Associated Press. "We've got some very serious negotiations going on with President Fox. ... I think to be overly critical, knowing the sensitivity of the negotiations, is in no one's best interest."

Copyright 2004 Associated Press, All rights reserved.

Two East Texas Health Agencies Receive FQHC Incubator grants
Two East Texas towns were awarded incubator grants for Federally Qualified Health Centers through Texas Department of Health funds, Gov. Rick Perry announced Thursday.

Mount Enterprise Community Health Clinics received a $154,500 grant, while Longview Wellness Center received a $10,000 grant.

In a prepared statement, Perry said, "This continued investment allows our state to attract additional federal funds for centers that will provide high-quality, cost-effective and comprehensive primary and preventive care."

©Tyler Morning Telegraph 2004

Governor Perry Says Texas Taking Aggressive Steps to Retain Military Installations
On Wednesday, in front of several dozen Fort Hood area civic leaders, Gov. Perry announced he does not want Texas military installations to be on the 'short end of the stick' once the Department of Defense is finished with the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure process.

"We want to keep our Texas bases in operation and retain the thousands of civilian jobs that are directly linked to our military bases around the state," said Perry.

Gov. Perry highlighted several new programs created to help Texas' military related communities improve their infrastructure and attraction.

Copyright © 2002-2004 Gray MidAmerica TV Interactive Media, LLC

Burnt Orange Report has updated again, this time with Byron L's timeline of events. This solidifies things somewhat, making the matter more credible in my eyes. We'll still have to see what happens.

Hesiod posted a link in the comment thread of that new BOR update to a story about Secretary of State Geoffrey Connor going through emergency appendectomy surgery. Could be entirely unrelated.

UPDATE(2/21/2004 11:04am)
This is expanding faster that I thought it would.

I was at the Sage Francis Fuck Clear Channel tour last night at Emo's. Part of the way through Sage's set, he mentioned how Governor Perry and SoS Connor were about to get in trouble for being sexually involved. Sage knew the rumors and when he said them, I'd estimate 1/4 to 1/3 of the crowd (which had the outdoor venue packed) cheered in recognition of the rumor. Sage's previous tour date was in New Orleans on the 18th, so somehow he came across it even while in the middle of a national tour.

UPDATE(2/21/2004 8:38pm)
I am still quite surprised the only "heavies" reporting on this are lefty bloggers like Atrios, Hesiod, and Buzzflash. It did make Metafilter and Austin's Indymedia. Where is The Drudge Report? This kinda stuff is right up his alley.

My web traffic has exploded over this and I know Burnt Orange Report's has as well to an even greater degree. The vast majority of referrals are coming from Texas. This has spread far and wide and not a blip in major media (whom are apparently compiling what they can before going public) or the large righty blogs.

UPDATE(2/24/2004 9:15am)
I won't be updating this page after this point. A new post on this can be found here. There is a bit more to report.

Posted by Drizzten at February 20, 2004 09:37 AM

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While it is true that not all Republicans are anti-gay, it
is true beyond question that the Republican party not only
tolerates violently anti-gay sentiments among its membership
but often encourages the most insane members of the Christian
right. Life is too short to be a Roy Cohn, and if you are
familiar with fundamentalist rhetoric you know it can lead to
being an Ernst Rohm. Fight for yourself. No one else will.

Posted by: Vandaluer on February 21, 2004 11:19 AM

It's an image that Republicans could shake so easily, too. If they'd ditch the wanna-be theocrats and understand that human freedom is more important than tradition, they'd get a hell of a good start.

These marginally anti-gay Republicans make the whole party look as bad as the so-called "limousine liberals" do to theirs. Political hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Posted by: Drizz on February 21, 2004 11:32 AM

Your traffic must be out of control...I hope you don't get dinged for all the extra bandwidth. Keep up the good work.

Posted by: Skip Perry on February 21, 2004 09:48 PM

Hey Guys -

Here is what I've heard... got an e-mail from a friend at a big lawfirm in town saying "A couple of folks that I work with have some "insider" information from sources close to the Governor's office that the rumors are, indeed, true." Of course, this mail was forwarded and a friend of mine received a response from a mutual friend that said he had a souce at the Austin Chronicle that confirms it is true, too. I have yet another friend, that told me 60 Mins was in town trying to chase down the story. Who knows!? If it is true, here's hoping it comes out.


Posted by: AustinGirl172 on February 23, 2004 03:01 PM

"where is drudge on this?" rhetorical question? lame joke? you KNOW why he's not reporting the perry rumor. wrong party.

Posted by: mark on February 23, 2004 04:47 PM

now that NJ Governor has admitted he is gay after rumors about his alleged gay affair and sexuality. it seems to me that probably such rumors may have substantial base after all. unless governor perry have sexually harrassed a male employee or aide and he was to have sued, it is unlikely that he will out himself.

Posted by: Hwang Sejong on September 20, 2004 11:21 PM
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